Creature London’s Ed Warren Talks about Diversity

Ed highlighted the importance of continuing to build awareness but agreed that “agencies need to act”. There is an acute awareness of the benefits of diversity on creativity and innovation; and now we need to execute measures to remove obstacles preventing diversity becoming real.  “We need to attack the problem from different angles, from the top, from the bottom, through economics and attitude – all simultaneously. What is key … is shifting attitudes.”

As it stands the demographic of the industry is still made up predominately of middle-class Caucasian males.… Read more

Diversity in the Creative Industry … All talk no action ?

Diversity in the Creative Industry … All talk no action?

“Lack of diversity in the creative industry”. There it is again. Still deemed as one of the major issues preventing creativity and innovative thinking. It has become evidently clear that the majority of creative thought leaders share this opinion, and are touting it as the obstacle standing in the way of new ideas, progression and growth. I’ve previously written about the importance of diversity, so now I’m keen to understand what is stopping it from flourishing in a palpable way.… Read more

CS Mini Cannes

What is the next CS event?cs-logo-200

CS Mini Cannes will be taking place on the 14th of July.

You can see all the details you need here:


What can people expect to get from this event?

This is THE annual round up of everything Cannes Lions! Attendees will get an inspiring selection of talks from the Cannes Lions stage, round-ups and reviews along with analysis from the jurors and future forecasting from our panel. CS Mini Cannes provides the industry with a great snapshot of how creativity is evolving and where it is headed.… Read more