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How we can help

We will keep the recruitment process simple but it will be detail oriented, thorough and constructive. You will find that we ask you a few more questions. We might even challenge your views a little and possibly pose alternatives to your original thinking. We will work hard on your behalf because we are looking for a long term relationship with you and not a quick buck. We know if we do a great job, you will recommend us to others. For clients and candidates the process and experience will be the same because both are equally important to us. We create a partnership with you and always seek your permission before supplying your details to a third party. Fundamentally you can be assured of our best intentions and integrity at all times - not least because everyone at Source and Lipton Flemming works to our Core Values.

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What if we can’t help you?
Of course we can't help everyone. If we can’t, we’ll try to point you in the right direction. That may be through a face to face meeting, by phone, on email, or at the very least through the advice areas on our blog

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Bernie Greevy
Bernie Greevy

She's our Integrated Client Services Consultant.

My career in advertising began working at Bates UK.  Since then I’ve enjoyed working at top London agencies like AMV BBDO and RKCR Y&R before making the move client-side, where I spent over 8 years delivering awa...

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