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Brooke Strachan

Operations Assistant

020 3116 0000


I started off as Receptionist here at Source LF back in 2012 and now assist in overseeing various operations within the business. When im not at work,  you will either find me at the gym, cinema, or at the pub with friends and a nice G&T! 

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No electric all day friday, off again last night and now this morning.. ffs!

1 Day Ago

Spent all day dosed up to my eyes in painkillers but I've been well looked after ❤️ Indian takeaway fixes a lot 😂

3 Days Ago

@amzzieex It's because the sale has fallen through and I didn't "insure my legal costs".. fuck knows.. im fighting it though

8 Days Ago

@amzzieex It's my solicitors invoicing me for the work so far, the seller has done one and no one can get hold of him.. 😩

8 Days Ago

@amzzieex Yeah i know just fucked off I'm losing £1000 legal costs for no reason 😩

8 Days Ago

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