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Our Team

Ellie Harlow

Strategy and Planning Senior Consultant

Specialising in Strategy & Planning


I moved over to Source having spent my first three years in recruitment focused on both the Creative and Design Sector as well as Retail and Fashion. But when the opportunity came up to take over the Strategy and Planning desk at Source it sounded exactly like the types of roles I’d love recruiting for, and have definitely found it one of the most fascinating areas of my career so far. I cover permanent, freelance and fixed term contract so whatever it is that you’re looking for next I’d be very happy to hear from you. When I’m not in the office I will generally be found at the theatre, shopping or my at my other full time occupation – brunch!

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RT @The_Dots_UK: “Men of quality do not fear equality” Pip on @yellif, panel host for "Why Creativity Means Business" highlights to follow.…

About 3 Hours Ago

RT @InnovationSoc: Flexibility to meet more people, from different pools and not having a blanket policy on finding talent! Will be key #In

About 16 Hours Ago

@nishmarobb absolutely! It's great to hear someone so passionate about talent from fields outside of recruitment

About 16 Hours Ago

RT @InnovationSoc: Our diverse debate on talent with some of the best people shaping it @EllieJHarlow @mislip @Pip_Jamieson @nicoleyershon

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RT @thwindowshopper: 'We should get paid not for the hours we work but for the value we create.' #InnovationStories

About 17 Hours Ago

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