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Our Team

Jeff Colclough

Programmatic and Ad Ops Consultant

Specialising in Media Planning & Buying / Programmatic & Ad Ops


I have got extensive experience in placing candidates into the digital advertising market and have focused on the technical side of the industry, helping to fill Ad Ops, Campaign and Optimisation teams all over London.


We have seen a massive change in digital advertising as Programmatic technologies revolutionise the space. I also teach Programmatic & Mobile Masterclasses for Google to their clients, which gives me great insight into the industry and keeps me at the forefront of developments in a rapidly changing landscape.


When I’m not talking about Cookies and Tags you can find me hanging off the nearest bouldering wall or chasing my Siberian cat around the flat! His name is Tony and I think he wants to be more dog. 

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Job opportunities

Campaign Manager

  • £35,000 - £40,000 per annum
  • Campaign Manager
  • Media
  • London
  • £35k - £40k

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