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Our Team

Kate Ogbourne

Integrated Client Services Team Leader

Specialising in Client Services


I am an experienced recruiter and decided to combine my professional career with my one of my interests, the creative industry, which began during my studies for my degree in Marketing Communications. I specialise in Client Services recruitment - from Account Executives to Heads of Client Services. I have in-depth industry knowledge covering experiential, sales promotion, advertising agencies as well as integrated agencies, which enables me to recruit across the whole industry spectrum. My recruitment experience spans over 10 years, which certainly places me in a good position to help candidates follow their career aspirations and consult with clients to achieve their recruitment needs.

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Here's how to answer one of the most notoriously difficult #interview questions

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Read our blog by @Tamtams18 on calculating overtime, holiday pay and #commission:

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Don't get stuck in a dead-end job! Kick start your #career here!

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