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Our Team

Louise Alexander

Media Planning and Buying/Digital Performance Team Leader

Specialising in Media Planning & Buying / Digital Marketing & Performance


I am a Senior Consultant at Lipton Fleming and have worked at the company for almost 4 years. I love working for Lipton Fleming, as I feel our more consultative approach and industry knowledge set us apart from our competitors. I am a media specialist and recruit for Media Planner Buyers and Strategists across both traditional and digital media channels. I recruit for both large network agencies such as Group M and Vivaki and smaller independents including the7stars and Total Media. I really enjoy understanding people’s motivations for considering a career move and their long term career goals. It is a great feeling when you place someone in a job that they love! Outside of work I enjoy travelling and exploring new places, I recently got back from Cuba and am planning on going to Vietnam next year. Amongst other things I also love food, festivals, history, books and Frank Turner (he is brilliant live!). 

Louise's Social Media


#Christmas #advertising: Here’s the cream of the crop this year

12 Months Ago

Here’s the specifics of what an Integrated #Designer does and the skills they have:

12 Months Ago

Are #Ecommerce Xmas shopping days authentic? Thoughts from Simon Parker of White Label UK

12 Months Ago

Is it safe for everyone to use the #internet or should there be an age limit?

12 Months Ago

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