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Our Team

Steve Groom

Marketing and Ecommerce Senior Consultant

Specialising in Marketing & Ecommerce


It turns out that writing your ‘bio’ is pretty hard, do I go for the ‘witty and biting’, the ‘professional’ or the ‘I’m just a chilled out entertainer’ approach. I dont think they’re mutually exclusive. I’ve worked in recruitment for some time now, in a variety of markets, big corporates, start-ups and privately. No matter the size or market, in my opinion they all have the same principle: Learn your product and build good relationships. The success is bi-product of that. I focus on Integrated Client Services, covering Advertising, Experiential, Sales Promotion and Branding. A great way to enjoy and be good at what you do is to work with people of similar personalities and outlooks to yourself, which is why I work in Client Services. They’re ambitious, outgoing, a ‘peoples’ person, intelligent, ‘witty and biting’, professional and chilled out..And I love sports too.

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