Who are YCN?

Who are YCN?

Established in 2001, YCN today produces design, branding, advertising, products and much else besides; both for its own projects and ventures, and on behalf of clients. A multi-disciplinary team of designers, art directors, strategists, writers, illustrators and project managers work together to run an ongoing internship programme.

Overview of the market they serve:

YCN represents an international roster of illustrators, animation directors and other creative practitioners, promoting their work and facilitating commissions day to day. Such a structure enables YCN to quickly shape project teams around the specific requirements of any creative brief. External creative talent and strategic expertise is brought in to add depth and colour when required. Their work ranges from helping a branding agency find illustrators, to re-branding an insurance company; from naming a pub and designing its interiors, to developing an integrated ad campaign for the best tasting beer behind its bar

Who are, or are likely to be, members?

Young designers across all creative industries around the world. They offer a platform for people to showcase their talent in a competitive market.

What do they bring to the industry?

YCN has curated a series of educational and professional development programmes; aiming to stimulate, support and showcase emerging creative talent.  They hold the YCN Student Awards annually on emerging creative excellence; and run closely alongside the many Universities, Colleges and Art & Design schools across the UK, and overseas too. The awards are based around a collection of live creative briefs; written each year by partnering brands, charities and other organisations. The most recent collection presented challenges from organisations as diverse as WarpSegaFairtradethe Big Issue and 20th Century Fox.  Commended entrants are awarded at a splendid ceremony each year; and all such work is showcased in the pages of the YCN Student Annual.10,000 copies of the Annual are distributed across education, and across the creative industries. The Awards enable all those that take part to benefit from engaging with thoroughly contemprary communication challenges, and give increased confidence, visibility and employability to all those that excel within them.

Specific services

Industry Support

Prominent recent achievements/work/incentives

Most of their work and achievements are shown in their blog:

Where are they going – what does the future hold?

As a community they are getting bigger and bigger with more interest from young creatives around the world.  This is evident from their 7500 strong twitter following. It looks like they will continue to build their community offering services and presenting opportunities to people that matter and they care about.

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