7 Tips to Embracing Change and Benefiting in Your Market Agency Role

7 Tips to Embracing Change and Benefiting in Your Market Agency RoleHere at Source it’s our aim that you have a job that you want to jump out of bed for. Sometimes though, your workplace becomes tough due to change and you no longer desire to go to work, you just wish you could hide under the duvet, and that’s no good for your career.

Learning to accept change at work is critical to being successful in your chosen marketing or creative agency career. Dealing with adjustments to your normal work procedures can be unwanted, scary and downright frustrating at times but change can bring many positive elements to a creative workplace.

You may even find in all the disruption that you get noticed as a committed member of the team and get promoted quicker than previously expected.

7 tips for embracing workplace change with optimism


1. Why do you feel negatively about the proposed change?

Ask yourself what scares you or makes you angry about a recent change at work. Explore all the possibilities by

  • Listing your concerns. Is your job at risk? Is your salary going to be adjusted? Will overtime be cut? Think through your concerns.
  • Are your worries legitimate? Or are they covering for something else in your life?
  • If you find that your concerns are legitimate, create a Plan B that you can implement in your worst-case scenarios. Remember you can create Plan C, Plan D and Plan E if you need to.
  • Once you make an action plan, let go of anxieties about situations you can’t control
  • Be positive about the changes happening

2. Remind yourself those in charge have good reasons for the change.

You must trust the people running the company. They  are making the choice to change for a reason that will benefit the whole business.  In these tough times, if they don’t make a change a lot more people could be affected.

  • Accept  that the boss has a clear vision  of the entire situation. They have information that you might not have.

3. Help reduce workplace negativity about the change.

Some members of your team may be very resistant to change.  Avoid lengthy discussions with colleagues about changes in the workplace. Don’t get dragged into negative conversations.

  • Some co-workers might be especially antagonistic about upcoming changes due to their own fears and insecurities.
  • Remembering colleagues less-than-positive comments spring from fear will help you refrain from participating in such conversations.
  • Be understanding, but decline to share any opinions that could be interpreted as negative about the changes.
  • Start conversations  about the positive results the change should bring.

4. Accept the change as part of your job.

Recognise that an important aspect of your work is to support the management and carry out your  line manager’s instructions.

  • Simplify the situation for yourself by respecting the changes and perform your duties as required.

5. Consider the new changes a challenge.  Face the change head-on and do whatever it takes to generate positive results from the new plans – remember enthusiasm is infectious J

  • Rolling with the punches is an undervalued life skill. The changes may even result in your adding some very important career experiences to your CV for the future.

6. Have confidence that you can handle any change.

Remind yourself that you strive for excellence in your work, no matter what.

7. Embrace the positive possibilities.

Your work situation might actually improve because of the new changes. Even though it might take some time to experience, you’ll most likely see some positive results emerge from the adjustments in your work environment.

  • This can be a time of rejuvenation, renewal and efficiency.
  •  Be patient throughout the implementation process.
  •  Allow yourself to expect your work situation to improve because of the changes.

Although changes in the workplace may be scary and unwanted, open your mind to the possibilities of change.  Implement our 7 tips and you may find yourself enjoying your work, rising to the top and confidently making a name for yourself in your industry!  Take a look at some of our marketing agency jobs.

Have you tried any of our tips or do you have some of your own? Offer them here in the comments…

Image source: ppdigital