As An Employer How Do I Act Online?

As An Employer How Do I Act OnlineOnce you’ve worked out your social and have decided to attract skilled candidates by using social media the next thought might be “ As an employer how do I act online?”.

This post follows on from my “What is good social recruitment etiquette?” post from a couple of weeks back and is writen by guest blogger Julie Bishop, founder of JobHop.

Hopefully you’re already acting in a courteous and polite manner offline. If so then great; you just do the same online.

The main rule to remember is ‘Count to 10’; before you click send, post or tweet, because whilst a message offline might reach 7 people, a message online is like a message on steroids and before you know it possibly thousands of people have seen it.

So, if you only remember one of these rules, make it the ‘Count to 10 Rule’. However here are 4 more tips for perfect social recruitment etiquette;

1)   Do not Spam:

By this I mean do not continuously pump out the same message time and time again. You should be using social media sites to engage and connect with talent. Of course you want to drive them to your careers site but instead of filling up peoples feeds with “see our careers page now!” try conversing and engaging with people and then signpost them to your careers page. It’s absolutely fine to do a “shout out” here and there as long as it’s mixed in with conversation and relevant information. If you always spam then people will either stop following or become ignorant to your noise.

2)   Be Transparent:

Don’t ever be sneaky when using social media. There have been cases of company bosses writing their own reviews, praising their own companies on forums or even leaving a bad review about a competitor. Don’t do this; you will not want the backlash if you get found out.

3)   Don’t gossip:

Never ever gossip, even if you’re using different names to protect their identity. As an employer it’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees also know not to gossip.

4)   Always acknowledge:

If someone mentions you or your company then it’s courteous to acknowledge them. It may be a candidate who tweets about the interview they’re attending, it may be a good comment about your products; whatever it is make sure you acknowledge and let them know you’re listening.

Social media isn’t all dark and mysterious, it’s a means of communication, and if you communicate well offline there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t also communicate well online. The same good etiquette in recruitment applies online as it does offline.

Julie Bishop is the Founder of JobHop. After an unsuccessful attempt to find the right candidate for her last business, Julie experimented with social media to reach talent. The experiment was successful; JobHop was born. Julie is passionate about showing people how powerful they are with the Internet on their side. JobHop helps employers and candidates connect using social media & networking, making employment human again. Julie is also a regular speaker on Social Recruitment and Broadcasts a weekly Business show.

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