Be Careful What You Post!

is a fantastic tool to use when searching for a new job, liaising with colleagues, making new friends, staying in touch with those far away and generally being connected. However, there is a cautionary tale to be told if you are going to utilise to solve your employment requirement or indeed just talk about your employment status in the sphere.

We live in a world where your social media profile is practically accessible by everyone and anyone. Just Google your own name and you are very likely (unless your name is John Smith!), to come up in the first page of the search result. So what does that mean?

Consider this scenario:

You connect with your boss or colleague on a social media site. Not that unlikely really is it – after all, why wouldn’t you?

Now consider this…

It’s 3 months later. It’s Friday night. You and your boss/colleague have never actually conversed in any social media environment. You have forgotten that you are connected. You have a sh*tty day. You go to the pub for a couple of drinks and decide to update your status. You think it is your boss’s/colleague’s fault that you had a sh*tty day. You rant and rave to your Facebook buddies about what an arse your boss/colleague is. You describe in detail the state of the political bullsh*t that goes on in your company. You detail all of the boss/colleague’s personal flaws…

Fast forward to Monday morning.

You are invited to a face to face meeting with your boss.
Guess what?
You’re in a disciplinary – or even worse you’re fired!!!

Now, this may seem like an extreme set of circumstances, but it is worth considering that none of us remember everyone we are connected with via the plethora of channels through which we converse. It’s also worth remembering that there are no hard and fast rules for which platforms you should or shouldn’t use for professional or personal purposes – we all use the channels for different reasons. Therefore the likelihood of someone seeing something that wasn’t intended for their eyes is actually HIGHLY LIKELY!

Don’t believe me?! Check out the following -

Example 1
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Example 4

Always look to extend your reach through digital – but just be careful what you post!