Best And Worst Interview Questions

Best And Worst Interview QuestionsDespite all our efforts to be well prepared, you never can tell how an interview is going to go; it all depends on the questions they ask on the day. Here’s a selection of the best and worst questions people have ever been asked at an interview:

Interviewee One

Worst: after about 7 hours over 3 meetings I finally met the CEO who asked me to give him a quick explanation of working capital. The question was so leftfield it was in another ball park, and I lost the gift of intelligent speech. A real pain because I do actually know the answer.
Best: An old favourite but works well, ‘show me/ describe your best work and tell me why you chose this piece.’ Gives you a chance to really show off and gives them an insight into what you value most about your skill set.
Thanks to Melanie Roberts

Interviewee Two

Worst: How are you going to manage your childcare if you work here?
Best:  If our company was a car, what make would we be?
Thanks to Elaine Odlin

Interviewee Three

Worst: If two employees presented you with photocopying tasks how would you decide how to prioritise the tasks?!!’
Best: Always ones which focus on knowledge and understanding of the company and ones which encourage discussion rather than having a right or wrong answer. This allows both parties to understand how the other thinks and whether the individual is compatible with the organisation and its way of doing things.
Thanks to Anna Stone

Interviewee Four

Worst: Sell me this pen/stapler or other item of stationary!
Best: What do we need to do to secure you!
Thanks to Nick Caton

Interviewee Five

Worst: Have you ever made the right decision for the wrong reasons?
Best: You’ve been asked to recruit one person from a selection of two people. The first is monotonous, a little dreary but more than capable of delivering. The second is full of enthusiasm but inexperienced and a little slow on the uptake. Who do you take on and why?
Thanks to David Braddock

And below – my best and worst!

Worst: Sell yourself to me
Best: I am going to give you a CV to review, please look at it and tell me what you think I should be worried about, with regards to this candidate’s skills and experience (then show them their own CV). Genius!!!