Best Places Near Maynard Malone

For anyone working in a new agency or starting a freelance role, getting lunch, meeting people and grabbing something from a cool shop nearby can be tricky. That’s where our ‘Best Places’ series comes in. We have interviewed staff from agencies across the country to provide you with insider knowledge. Today we are looking at the Best Places near Maynard Malone.

Maynard Malone is a boutique digital creative agency specialising in building brand engagement, word of mouth and loyalty for some amazing  brands such as Pizza Express and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!

For more on Maynard Malone check out their website:

We asked Stephen Murphy for his favourite places near Maynard Malone.

Stephen, where is the Best Place to grab a coffee and why?

J&A Café – all round tasty.

And where is the Best Place to grab a pint/glass of vino? Why?

The Slaughtered Lamb – a stone’s throw from the office & quite eclectic staff!

In your opinion, where is the Best Place to have a sit down lunch?

Caravan – Exmouth Market.

And the Best Place to have a sandwich/wrap?

Goswell Road Street Coffee – quality sofas!

Top places to shop?


Can you recommend the Best Place to chill out (day or night)?

The Barbican Centre.

What’s the best kept secret near Maynard Malone?

That would be telling!

Can you recommend something a bit different?

The Ford Transit Van at the top of Whitecross St Market…

And lastly, what is the Best Place for a big night out?

The Lexington.

Thanks guys! For more insider information on the Best Places in the UK, make sure you follow the series!


If you would like to add to this list, please do so in the comments box. Or if you want to tell us about the Best Places near your agency or in your neighbourhood, please get in touch with us.