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Holiday Pay, Overtime and Commission: Making Sense of Annual Leave

Holiday Pay Overtime and Commission Making Sense of Annual LeaveThe calculation of holiday pay and overtime can be a little confusing, particularly when you are employing members of staff who are working different hours. It is important to get it right though and, in my experience we sometimes find it to be more difficult than it really needs to be. As an employer you need to have good knowledge of the fundamental elements of holiday pay, overtime and commission, so you don’t make any errors and you can answer any queries your employees may have.… Read more

The New Shared Parental Leave Scheme

The New Shared Parental Leave SchemeThis guest post comes from Nick Singer an employment law barrister with extensive experience working with employers and employees in tribunals. Here he shares details of the new Shared Parental Leave scheme which came into force this year; a must read for all employers.

New laws have come in, which give parents the right to share childcare responsibilities. This is known as Shared Parental Leave (SPL). To trigger rights under this scheme a mother can either end her Maternity Leave (ML), tell her employer the date that she will end her ML or end her maternity pay or allowance.… Read more

Health and Safety In Creative Environments

health and safetyEmployers are responsible for taking care of their staff in the workplace and ensuring processes and procedures are put in place to keep them safe. There are various methods employees may choose to implement to improve safety, including signs to alert staff to dangers or workstation checks to ensure staff are comfortable.

Health and safety procedures are not just vital for the construction industry and similar environments where dangers might be more apparent, but also for those who are working in an office or studio environment.… Read more