Clichés You Will Hear From A Bad Recruitment Agency

A great many recruitment agencies strive to achieve high standards of service and client care. Many are members of industry trade bodies like Apsco and the REC – demonstrating their commitment to bettering the reputation of the industry through the delivery of best practice. Whilst some also publish their own core values for you to measure them against. However, this is not true of all staffing companies of course!

I thought it would be funny to poke a bit of fun at some of the clichés that surround the recruitment industry – to demonstrate what Source is not about!!!


  • We will never profess “to sing off the same hymn sheet” – we’re not very good at singing and we don’t try to preach to you
  • We don’t “touch base” – baseball is not a game that we play, and we’re sure that the last thing you want is us touching is your base!
  • “Blue sky thinking” – we think about what you want and need and don’t daydream about blue skies or anything else! Unless we’re on holiday or course…aaah holidays!
  • We tend to think with our mind rather than “thinking on our feet”. There is no substitute for planning and prioritising!
  • As for “square pegs and round holes” we have no idea what that is all about!
  • Much as we spend our time getting to know you, we wouldn’t say that we are“culturally aligned” to you. That would be daft. We do recruitment. Culturally that makes us very different from you because you do creative communications!
  • When it comes to “brain storming” or having a “thought shower” - we don’t understand what brains and thoughts have to do with the weather?
  • And finally, although it might be great to meet someone after you have spent time talking to them on the phone or on email; please don’t “finally put a face to the name”. You make it sound like the person has been avoiding you.

If you catch yourself saying any of the above – shame on you! Got any other clichés you hate? I’d love to hear them in the comments