Creating, Developing and Managing Your Employer Brand

Over the course of the next few months Source is going to look at what it takes to create a brand that people want to work for and what it takes to keep them with you once they are there. Not that we are experts (although we’re incredibly proud of our brand and its reputation, as well as our retention stats!), but as a recruitment business we are in a unique position to see what it is that prompts people to leave their current employer and what equally entices them to join a new employer.

In a series of articles under the categories ‘Employer brand’ and ‘Recruiting and retaining great staff’ we’ll be asking;

  • What it is that makes a candidate leave a company
  • What it is that makes them join an company
  • What leaders of great brands in advertising consider as important
  • What HR professionals would say helps and hinders your attraction and retention
  • What to do if you have a poor brand reputation and you need to hire
  • What if you do too good a job in attracting talent
  • Plus much more

We’ll also look at practical things like employee benefits, incentives and remuneration, including:

  • Work Culture
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Career development and training
  • Core values

Stay tuned for our insights and industry professionals’ comments.