Creative Social Time – You Lucky B****rds – interview with Daniele Fiandaca

Hoorah, it’s the next and the team once again have managed to fit a swear word into a very interesting theme “You Lucky B****rds – Why we’d love to be starting out right now”

As sponsors of this event I took the opportunity to ask Daniele how Creative Social got started and why they had chosen this month’s theme. Which by the way, will be happening on October 9th in London and the LBi.

Source: Why was CS set up?

Creative Social: Creative Social was founded in 2004, by myself (ed:Daniele Fiandaca) and Mark Chalmers as a collective of the world’s most pioneering interactive creative directors & business owners. It is a cultural collective -  with over 200 members of whom 50 are Fellows – who recognised that collaborating in this digital landscape is the way that we’ll feed our appetite for innovation & advance our industry.

Source: Did you have any aims and objectives from the start?

Creative Social: Yes, for sure. Our aim from the outset has been to inspire the industry, promote the industry, educate the industry and have fun doing do so.

Source: I think it is fair to say, you are certainly achieving on all those objectives. So on to this month’s theme. Why was the current theme chosen?

Creative Social: As the current landscape is predominantly a grey one – with the news always focusing on the economy struggling to recoup -  we thought it would be great to take what might be perceived as a negative – ‘starting out in the business right now’ -  and turn it into a positive. We wanted to get some of the original ‘mad men’ of ad land up on the stage to give us some pearls of wisdom. To demonstrate to the newbies out there that there are a lot of fantastic things that can be utilized to make a start in the media industry. You know; something to be excited about.

Source: So, who is the line up and why they were chosen?

Creative Social: We’ve managed to get 3 of the original founders of ad land to speak:

Patrick Collister, Founder, Creative Matters
Sir John Hegarty, Worldwide Creative Director, BBH London
Steve Henry, Founder, HHCL & Decoded

Creative Social: They have been though a number of economic up’s and downs which means they have the wisdom and experience to give the younger generation some solid tangible advice and insight into starting out. It might be a more difficult time but perhaps, it is in fact a great time to be making your mark!


Source are delighted to once again be sponsoring this event. For those who will be joining us as guests on the night I look forward to enjoying the evening with you. The tickets have virtually sold out already but fear not, we will be giving away the last four tickest on our social channels – LinkedInTwitter and Facebook. Come and connect with us for a chance to get your hands on them and be there on October 9th.

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