Digital Jargon Definitions

In our experience of recruiting for creative jobs we often come across the following terms in many  job descriptions - Digital, Interactive, Online, Web, Multimedia, New Media. But what do they all mean…?! Here’s a short guide to help you decipher all this digital jargon:

New Media

A term normally used by design agencies or branding agencies who haven’t realised that it isn’t new anymore and don’t know what to call projects that aren’t print!  If you hear the term “New Media”- RUN!


An old school term used when digital first launched.  These days it might mean someone to work on DVDs, Flash presentations, Websites and much more.


This will normally only be used for someone who will be specialising in no other digital device but the internet e.g. “Web Designer”


This term/ title generally covers “Design and Build” and “Online Advertising”


A term which covers anything which means a human will need to interact with something digital i.e. a website, an online advert, mobile, DDU (Digital Display Unit), an Installation (Museum)


This is a broad term which is more popular with our sector and covers all bases.

You may come across IA/UX/UE/Interaction/Industrial which all have slightly different definitions.  We will address these at a later date, but if you can’t wait until then please get in touch!