Giving a Presentation in an Interview

Why do a presentation?

Most clients won’t be expecting you to drop a presentation into the 2nd interview. As it’s such a rare occurrence, it’s best to mention at the start that you have something you’d like to present. But that’s why giving a presentation at an interview can be so effective – it sets you apart from the other candidates and shows the interviewer that you are prepared to go to extra mile.

Your presentation could be delivered on a laptop, an iPad or even as a printed document which can be left behind with your interviewers. A well thought out and accurate piece of literature should keep you in the minds of those who matter long after you’ve left.

Prepare for success

Remember, there is no substitute for preparation. Take time to research and really get under the skin of the agency you are keen to work for. The more you know about them as a company, the more impressive and dedicated to the position you will appear. Include this information in your presentation and make sure all the information you have is up to date – for example, if you are going to list the clients they work with, make sure you are 100% accurate. And give yourself enough time to get the presentation looking as slick as possible. Make sure you are familiar with the technology you are using and have a back-up plan in case something goes wrong. The interviewer will remember a bad presentation as long as a good one, for all the wrong reasons, so make sure you get it right!

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