Glug October

What is Glug?

The idea of Glug London came about from Ian Hambleton and Nick Clement. Their aim is a simple yet highly effective (and entertaining!) event – in a not-so-roundabout way!

So how do they do this?

Glug is limitless. Over the years they’ve hosted the best talent in the industry, allowing all Gluggers to have an insight into other creative sectors; be it design, advertising, music videos and video games. It’s all about the ‘Notworking’.

So as sponsors, what do we do?

As sponsors we tend to get the first three hundred through the door well fed and drunk! It’s not all fun and games though; our sponsorship also goes towards venue hire, AV, printing and of course, we have great giveaways – usually involving Twitter - which has seen us happily part ways with X-boxes, iPads, PS3s and iTunes vouchers! (don’t say we don’t spoil you). The Source team are always in attendance so make sure you come and introduce yourself!


Last week we were lucky enough to have a Glug hosted by Intro with a focus on Moving Image. This was great for us (especially for us on the Project Management team) as we’ve yet to have much involvement with this side of the industry. Intro have been going for a over two decades and are an award-winning, full service agency. With a special performance by Public Service Broadcasting, we were then joined by a guest panel of the best creative partners including Julian House, Julian Gibbs and Adrian Talbot.

Julian House

Julian is a graphic designer who works in conjunction with Intro; producing campaigns and designs aimed at the masses including The Prodigy, Oasis and Primal Scream. When Julian is not creating images, he co-runs Ghost Box Records, which fuels his love for experimental sounds and cosmic horror authors.

Tell us about your record label, Ghost Box?

It began as a shared interest in ‘70s children’s programmes and spooky authors such as H.P Lovecraft, Radiophonic Workshop and an interest in the occult. We wanted to take a different approach to a British audience that grew up with sounds such as the Dr Who theme and Christmas Ghost Story and it grew from there.

What’s your favourite music campaign you’ve worked on?

Oasis most definitely. The campaign as a whole was so big and I got to do so much; videos, artwork, merchandise, live screens…we created a whole world, populated visually which extended further than just packaging, it was a vision.

How did your interest in old film and image techniques arise?

It stemmed from a love of flea markets and reconceptualising books. My Dad was a photographer so I had access to many old photos, like a media processed dream world. It also comes from an interest and a love of Cosmic Horror, William Gibson, Czech New Wave and Tchaikovsky.

Julian Gibbs

Julian is involved with all aspects of moving image; be it TV, Music Video and Commercials.

What’s the worst example of blue screen filming you’ve ever seen?

Tough question! I’d say one of my own but I’d have to come back to you on that…

What artist would you most like to work with?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with them already – The Rolling Stones. They are an amazing part of musical culture that spans decades, sitting with anything from politicians to fronting revolutions, they have incredible social magnitude and I found them extremely stimulating to work with.

How did you get into the industry?

My first job was with the Trade Union. I was really into Rock ‘n’ Roll and Ska like The Specials which were a big influence on me. This was back in the time of Margret Thatcher and a mass of ideologies – the Trade Unions were very powerful and confrontational. Since living in London, working with Steve Bell at Channel 4 really got me into it the industry. I began freelancing for studios – from music videos to commercials.

Who are this month’s bloggers?

First up is Emma! Emma is our resident Digital Project Management Consultant at Source, recruiting across perm and freelance. She enjoys all things digital, graphic design, musicals and long walks on the beach….tweet me @emmahunt10

And introducing Laura Kelly who does our print and integrated project management recruitment. Laura loves metal, fake blood, selling souls and….teacakes. Tweet her @laurasource…she doesn’t bite…much ;)