Going Back to Work for Previous Employers

Going Back to Work for Previous EmployersWould you ever consider going back to work for an old employer? Could going back be a good career move or would it more likely damage your credibility?

According to John Courtis, author of Getting a Better Job, ‘’Being invited back is one of the most tremendous accolades you can have in your career, because it proves you were appreciated.”(IPD).

These are all questions I asked myself before I re-joined Source a few months back.

My ‘going back’ story goes something like this….

After completing a BA Hons in Design, I fell into recruitment, working temporary desks in the commercial and industrial sectors. After relocating to London, I discovered Source, a company that could offer me the chance to combine my passion for design and my knowledge of recruitment. After nearly 3 years I left to pursue other things, and it was 2 years before I returned, back in May this year.

Understandably, everyone’s experiences and viewpoints are very different, but I thought you might want to hear from someone who has had a positive experience and hopefully understand the benefits of going back to a previous job.

Arguably there are positives and negatives, but I truly believe that the positives can out-weigh the negatives in a lot of cases. The most obvious benefit to going back to a familiar team of people is that you know everyone and know what to expect. You are generally not considered as ‘the new person’, so it can make you feel much more comfortable from day one. You will also understand the procedures and the way things are done – again, making it an easier transition, than learning from scratch. At the end of the day, you know what to expect and also what is expected of you.

For me, the fact that I could come back armed with more skills and competitor knowledge was extremely valuable and I felt I could offer more than the first time around. I was able to start afresh and had alternative ways of doing things, which has been beneficial to me and the team. Some people might question new these approaches, which is understandable, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling and with what makes you feel most comfortable!