How Employers Really feel About Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Employers Really feel About Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]This infographic is a really nice view across all industries but I would like to know how reflective it is across the marketing industry in London.

Only half of companies in this survey had a formal policy, and 42% of companies surveyed banned all forms of social media activity at work. In the employers’ eyes, social media should be exclusively reserved for carefully managed brand promotion and professionally handled social recruiting.

From what we hear marketing agency bosses have varied rules about using social media at work. Seems odd that people wouldn’t be allowed to use tools that are then needed for client work. For that reason I’m sure the days of social networks being totally blocked have pretty much gone in our industry.

The infographic has been put together by payscale, who judging by their website are a tool for comparing your pay with other peoples.

Social Media Use In Work Infographic Survey