How to Become a Creative Director With Flo Heiss of Dare London

FoHow to Become a Creative Director With Flo Heiss of Dare Londonllowing on from the very popular videos on our We Are Source’s YouTube channel we have decided to interview people from London’s creative, digital and marketing Agencies to get an insight into what it takes to be successful. In the first of the series we interviewed Flo Heiss, Executive at Dare, London before he spoke at Creative Social.

If you would like to share your experience in the same way please leave a comment below or email me. So on with the interview. You can watch the video or read it here on the blog:

What is your name, where do you work and what is your role? 

“Okay…Hi, I am Flo Heiss. I work for an agency called Dare in London and ahh what was the rest of the question?”

What’s your role?

“My role! I’m the ECD – the Executive Creative Director.  I got 3 things in my title so that’s..lo..lo..lots.lotsss..lotss of responsibility.”

How long did it take you to get to that position?

“How long did it take me to get to become Executive Creative Director? I think about 11 years,  3 months , 12 days, 64 hours and 45 seconds”

What was your first creative job?

“Junior Web Designer back in 1998 when the internet just about existed. That was my first title.”

As a Creative Director, what does it take to get noticed in London’s ?

“I think to do things differently, funny stuff, do things the wrong way round – you stand out by doing things that are surprising I guess. And be honest.”

How do you stay fresh and current as a Creative Director?

“I switch the computer off, I put my thinking hat on – which is this one in a different shade – and I go to the beach.”

So you just be yourself more than anything?

“Yeah yeah if you think too much about how you stay fresh I think….well, maybe you’ve already lost where you want to be going. Staying fresh? I try everyday!

Just going out there looking at stuff and being inspired by what people are doing…chatting to people…listening and being interested…I think it’s really important to notice what other people are doing. You know to kind of be interested, be astonished.

I think you should suck up everything and don’t edit what you are doing. Read the Daily Mail and The Independent, at the same time and back to front. Watch crap daytime television and high brow arts programme, so you won’t edit what you are doing. So yeah, being interested in stuff. I think that’s probably the best way of staying fresh. “

If you were starting out today what advice would you give yourself?

“Mmm, maybe finding out a bit earlier what advertising is and how it works cause I still don’t really know *laughs out loud*

I’m just making it up as I go along. I have the horrible feeling that I might be found out any minute; that I’m just an impostor, I’m just here and it’s all a big mistake!”

I’m sure Barack Obama and all those guys think the same thing – don’t they?

“Yeah, yeah yeah – that’s a good comparison. Barack Obama. I’d like to compare myself with him. He’s just like me. *bigger laughs out loud*”

Tell us something we might not know about your agency Dare London. What is it like to work there?

“I need to think about that one…hmmm. It’s a lot of fun working at Dare. Oh and we ‘ve got a hole in the middle of our floor – so watch out! I guess at the end of the day we don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

Finally, as the theme of tonight’s Creative Social is ‘Saying No’, what do you say when the suits say No to your creative work?

“When the suits say NO to me I? Mmm, I’d say they are probably right!”

And with that Mr Flo Heiss was off….

This interview is part of a series which aims to find out what it takes to be successful in London’s Creative, Digital and Marketing Agencies. Whatever level you are at your experience could be invaluable to others looking to make their next step up. Please leave a comment below or email me if you would to be interviewed as Flo (Creative Director) was here.