How to Get Your Creative Talent Noticed – “Hey Graduates, a Quiet Word”

If you are in the design and advertising world you will know that it was D&AD’s New Blood showcase this week. If you are quick you can still catch it in London. We don’t particularly deal with graduates here at Source but we certainly recognise that they are the creative heads of the future. It was with this in mind that I found the tips in this blog post from agency Five By Five so pertinent. My suggestion is that they are good advice for any creative looking to get noticed at a networking event or showcase.

Orginally posted on Five By Five’s blog…enjoy the read!

I was at D&AD’s graduate showcase, New Blood, in London on Tuesday. If you’ve never been and you have any interest in design, advertising, and the people who’ll be taking our jobs one day and doing them a whole lot better, then you should go down to visit while it’s still on.

I used to work for D&AD, so have attended many of these in the past, but this was my first visit representing a group of agencies on the lookout for talent. With so much excellent work to look through – the universities pre-vet what goes on show so this is their best – here are a few observations for those graduates hoping for gainful employment and showcasing their work at similar shows over the coming weeks.

Talk to us.

When there’s someone to show you round the stand and talk about the work and the course with enthusiasm and intelligence, it is brilliant and brings everything to life.

Stop talking to each other.

It’s really awkward to walk into a stand and have to squeeze past a group of mates having a catch up.

Be there.

It’s even more alienating to walk into an unattended stand.

Label your work especially if it’s portable.

I picked up a great example of packaging design and was playing around with it, stuck it back down somewhere else on the stand and only then thought to double check that the designer’s name was on it. Nope. After a search, I found a beautiful sticker stuck on the table beside where it had originally been placed. Lucky I checked.

Be memorable.

Try to think of a way to stand out from the crowd. Simple take away reminders could be really useful. We were given chopping boards and chef’s aprons from a course (Southampton Solent Graphic Design) that created its own butcher’s brand for the show; Solent & Sons (fresh meat, gettit?).

If you can’t make it down, take a look at the work on D&AD’s website and keep an eye on the likes of Creative Review for some top picks.  I’m not enough of a creative expert to start picking apart work here, but do check out Peter Smart’s fantastic 50 Problems in 50 Days if you want a sense of who’s about to hit the streets.


Thanks to Five By Five for letting us feature their post. Here at Source we’re always interested in seeing creative talent succeed. If you got tips to add to these please put them in the comments below. 

Of course, one tip from me is “get in touch and show me your portfolio”. I could have that creative agency job you are looking for.