How to Prepare for an Interview

Preparation is vital!

Below is a check list for you to see if you have done everything possible before you attend an interview.  We are giving away our top secrets here but promise that this will work for you!

  1. Double check the interview confirmation received from your consultant
  2. Make sure you arrive 10-15 mins early
  3. If you don’t know already, check what the dress code is the day before you go in
  4. Research the company (tip, use Google News, twitter, LinkedIn, Brand Republic)
  5. Take a pen and pad with you so you can take notes
  6. Take additional resources with you, like articles of your success in the press, monthly columns etc
  7. Go above and beyond to stand out
  8. Find out how long the interview will last
  9. Don’t bad mouth your previous or current place of work, line managers or colleagues
  10. Lastly, have 5-6 pre-prepared questions with you. Examples include:
  • How do you see me fitting in with the current team structure?
  • What do you think I might find difficult here?
  • What’s the scope in the role for me?
  • What accounts will I be working on?
  • Where do you see the agency in 5 years?
  • What do you like about working here?

Try to avoid talking about salaries and benefits in your interviews.

We wish you the very best of luck and would be interested to hear from you if you have used this formula recently – did it work for you??  Over the next few months we will be giving away more top secrets and hints giving you the best chance of landing your dream role! hosting information .