How to Recruit and Retain Great Staff

When it comes to running a successful business, it doesn’t get much more important than finding (and keeping) the right staff. Building an effective, long-term strategy to boost your employee brand, both for prospective employees and present staff, is a good foundation for future success, but just how is it done? This blog seeks to outline the core principles in recruiting and retaining great staff for your company. We hope you find it helpful.

I’m sure the first question you’ll be asking is “How do I find the best talent in the industry and how should I go about attracting them to my agency?”  I’ll break this down into 3 key points to consider:

1. How well does your recruitment agency understand your business?

This is vital for any business looking to engage a recruitment agency, as your consultant will be the first point of contact for new candidates.  It might seem like a lengthy process but meet with your recruiter. Make sure they understand your business from the ground up and give them reasons why potential candidates will want to work with you. Think of your recruitment agency as a business partner.

2. If you’re recruiting direct, have you given yourself enough time to run the recruitment process?

You may have not considered this but the end to end process can be very time consuming. Due to the fast pace of the market, you need to respond swiftly to the best candidates or risk losing them.  This is the same once you’ve moved to interview stage. Keep the candidates informed throughout the process.  If they’re not successful, let them know asap.  Your employee brand in the market is crucial.

3. Do you know what your competitors are doing?

Understand how your competitors work; from their latest campaign to what benefits they offer their employees. It’s worth putting in the leg work to make sure you’re one step ahead.

This is just half the challenge. Once you’ve got your A-Team, how do you keep them?!

Everyone expects a benefits package and it has become pretty standard these days. Normal things might include medical insurance, gym membership, cycle to work scheme and maybe Friday drinks in the office.  These are all great benefits, but what makes you stand out from the crowd?

There is no definitive answer to this question; everyone will want something different!  For some it will be the prestige that comes with working on a brand or for a certain agency. For others it will be the work/life balance offered. And for others still it might be having access to the latest training.

Here are some of the best examples of benefits packages offered by my clients:

  • Training opportunities
  • Opportunities to work in their international offices
  • Flexible working hours (that’s a Source benefit too!)
  • Trips to festivals
  • Education outside of their work subject

These are all top benefits that I’m sure we’d all be pleased to have, but the most important aspect of employee retention is how happy your staff are – do they enjoy coming to work?  There’s only one way to find this out.  Ask them!  Find out what makes them tick and offer them an amazing working environment and fantastic career prospects.  Listen to your staff and implement your findings and you’ll be well on your way to building a strong, successful and loyal team.