How to Spot a Bad Recruitment Agency

Research an agency before joining it

If you are considering which recruitment agency to work with, my advice is to do your research. Ask people who they’ve had good experiences with.  We find most good candidates come to us from referrals and/or recommendations from other good candidates or clients who have used Source in the past.

Important things to consider:

Here is a list of things that you should be aware of when working with a recruitment agency. An agency not doing the below, might not be giving you the best service.

  1. Have they asked to meet with you face to face?
  2. Have they asked to take a copy of your passport or see proof that you have the right to work in the UK?
  3. Have they spent enough time getting to know you? Your personality? Your strengths and weaknesses? And what you really want to do next?
  4. Has your career been discussed and mapped out or are you just expecting the recruitment agency to find you a job and that’s it?
  5. Did you discuss your CV/ portfolio and possible changes to enhance it?
  6. Do you feel your recruiter has given something back or just taken lots of information from you?
  7. Have they discussed the legal framework that surrounds how they work which will impact the way they represent you?
  8. Will they send your details to every agency in town without your permission?
  9. Does your consultant understand what you want from a new job? Are they qualified to consult with you?
  10. Will they manage your expectations accurately?
  11. Will they give you feedback whether positive or negative?
  12. Was your experience a positive one, which you would recommend to others in your position?
  13. Does your consultant keep changing?
  14. Do you speak to lots of different people at the recruitment agency or do you know who your main consultant is?
  15. Will you use them again?

A good recruiter

I could go on but the questions above are some of the basic ones you need to ask yourself when working in partnership with your recruiter.  A good recruiter is someone you feel you can stay in touch with for the rest of your career, as they truly understand you and vice versa.

More information aboutt working with a recruitment agency can be found at: IP information