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What is the role of a Creative Team?

A Creative Team will sit within the Creative Department and develop conceptual ideas. They work as a team to generate ideas and take these to scamp stage or to Mac visuals and work ideas up.

There is a clear career progression for a Team and they obviously start work at Junior level but they can work their way to up to become Joint Creative Directors in some agencies. As Teams progress throughout their career, picking up an award or two along always helps their credibility as some clients do ask to see award-winning teams.

More senior level teams should be able to demonstrate their strategic understanding and be able to challenge the client on solutions.

Most teams will specialise within a certain marketing discipline, however the more senior they become you will find Creative Teams are more integrated, and in some cases  truly 360.

Skills and experience necessary for this role:

  • Conceptual
  • Innovative
  • Highly Creative
  • Good presentation skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Multi-disciplined

Required work experience:

  • Junior – 1-2 years
  • Mid – 3-7 Year
  • Senior – 7 years plus


  • Junior – up To £25K;
  • Mid – up to £45K;
  • Senior – £50K plus

Types of company/agency common for this role:

Communication led agencies

How many people is a Creative Team likely to manage?

Dependent upon level of Team and this will vary from agency to agency.

Jobs that could lead to this role:

A solo Copywriter or Art Director that have spent time together working on projects together.

Jobs that lead from this role:

To continue working as a team or to move into a solo career

Training / reading that will help you get this role:

No specific training is usually required. An Art Director and Copywriter will be expected to have a Creative led degree and have a college portfolio in order to embark on a career in a creative agency.


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If you are interested in finding a Creative Team job in London or want to hire someone for your Creative Team, please contact our creative recruitment team