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What is the role of a Digital Account Manager?

A Digital Account Manager would usually sit on a team which manages a specific client account – although sometimes the team might look after a number of accounts within the agency. As well as Account Managers, a client services team is usually made up of Account Executives, Senior Account Managers plus an Account Director who oversees the whole team.  The Account Director would in turn report to a Client Services Director (or the agency’s equivalent).

Skills and experience necessary for this role:

An Account Manager would be expected to have a minimum 1-3 years experience within digital marketing. Depending on the agency, they might also be expected to have previous experience within a similar sized agency, working across brands of a similar standard – e.g. a leading FMCG brand. They would be expected to have solid digital knowledge; working on a number of ‘big-budget’ campaigns from start to finish, with the ability to financially manage projects and assist with pitches and presentations. All this, whilst providing an impeccable service to the client day-to-day.

Required work experience:

Min 1-3 years


25-32k depending on agency & experience

Types of company/agency common for this role:

Digital Account Managers are usually required for pure play digital agencies however there is often demand for digital specialists within integrated marketing agencies, social media agencies and advertising agencies who are starting to do more digital in-house.

How many people is a Digital Account Manager likely to manage?

An Account Manager would normally be expected to oversee the team’s Account Executive/s but this does depend on the individual agency’s set-up.

Jobs that could lead to this role:

Becoming an Account Manager is the chance to step-up from an Account Executive role, with more responsibility and more involvement in the development of a campaign, working with departments across the agency.

Jobs that lead from this role:

An Account Manager can expect to move up to Senior Account Manager role after around 2+ years. Sometimes Account Managers choose to move into Project Management.

Training / reading that will help you get this role:

Specific training is not usually required however there are a number of marketing courses available which are widely-regarded within the industry.


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If you are interested in finding a Digital Account Manager job in London or if you want to hire one for your team, please contact our client services recruitment team.