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What is the role of a Studio Manager?

A design or advertising studio manager’s role varies from agency to agency, and really depends on the size of agency through to structure and experience of the individual. Generally the role involves: ensuring all briefs are dispatched in the studio based on individuals strengths and skills, creating a workflow structure, reviewing daily work schedules of the creative department, ensuring work is delivered on deadline, compiling studio schedules, updating studio schedules regularly, keeping all departments informed about project status, dispatching workload, managing annual leave of employees and finally resource management across both freelance and perm.

Skills and experience necessary for this role:

Efficient verbal and written communication skills, excellent organisational skills, advanced knowledge of studio software, proven leadership skills and ability to meet deadlines in a stressful environment, whilst motivating a team with a wide variety of skill sets. He/she must also be able to think outside the box, have meticulous attention to detail and possess problem-solving skills.

Required work experience:

5 – 10+ years


£35k up to around £60k

Types of company/agency common for this role:

Typically most agencies that have a studio will require a Studio Manager.

How many people is a Studio Manager likely to manage?

2 up to 10+

Jobs that could lead to this role:

Any studio based role.

Jobs that lead from this role:

CSD, Head of Traffic and maybe even project management.

Training / reading that will help you get this role:

The best training you can get for this role is to really learn from those around you, and to absorb as much information as you can throughout your career.


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If you are interested in finding a Studio Manager job in London or if you want to hire one, please contact our studio recruitment team.

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