Moving to London

Are you thinking about moving to London?


When looking for somewhere to live in a new city there are a number of factors that might affect you. Do you have friends or contacts already there who you can get in touch with? Do you know who you’re going to live with? Or are you looking for a brand new house-share? What area of town suits you best? What’s the commute like to your new job and how much have you got to spend on rent?
Firstly my advice is to check out these websites which will hopefully point you in the right direction when looking for a property or people to live with:

Where to live in London is a totally personal decision. The advantage of living in a city is that there are so many different areas to choose from. Spend some time doing a bit of research just like you would any new place that you visit. London guides such as TimeOut London and View London will give you an idea of what goes on in this vast metropolis. In terms of the creative industry, the boroughs of East & North London are pretty popular as they tend to be closer to many of the creative agencies in town but this is not a hard & fast rule by any means. The East is also gaining popularity because of London 2012 so I would also expect prices to start rising in that area over the next year or so. Maybe something to consider….

Travelling around the city

So now you’ve found your new home, you need to work out how to get around. Once you know it, London’s tube and bus network generally works ok but it can be quite confusing at first. In my experience I would recommend using the bus when you can, as this gives you a much better impression of where everything actually is! Going underground, things are a bit different and everyone takes the iconic Tube map for gospel…which is where you get the classic scenario of people getting on at Leicester Square to do the pretty pointless one stop to Covent Garden! Its actually only 260 metre folks (click here for random info on this!)

In terms of costs, London is not cheap and never really has been. Property prices depend on the postcode, and expect regular travel by bus or tube to take a chunk out of your monthly income. Another alternative is to cycle; it’s cheaper and obviously better for the environment and now you can hire bikes from docks along many of London’s streets. More information on this can be found on the Transport for London’s website. My only other comment on this would be ‘wear a safety helmet pleeeease!’

All in all, London is a vibrant and exciting place to live and if its city life you’re after, then it’s up there with the best of them…in my opinion…but then I was born here!

My top London things:

  • The Southbank – great for Sunday walks, eating, drinking and general people watchingBrick Lane
  • Tate Modern - the building alone is enough to impress me. And the view of St. Pauls is pretty special.
  • The O2 – hurrah for turning the pretty useless Millennium Dome into something great!
  • The Lost Society - for dancing…and more cocktails!
  • Brick Lane - for cool little shops, markets and all things second-hand!