Best Places Near Tag

For anyone working in a new agency or starting a freelance role, getting lunch, meeting people and grabbing something from a cool shop nearby can be tricky. That’s where our ‘Best Places’ series comes in. We have interviewed staff from agencies across the country to provide you with insider knowledge and today we are looking at the Best Places near Tag:.

Tag: is an international design and production agency dedicated to helping clients and agencies create, manage and deliver their brand messages across the world. They bring consistency, efficiency and more than a little flair to complex global campaigns!

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We asked Jason Brimmell (Operations Head – Design for Print) for his favourite places near Tag: .

Jason, where is the Best Place to grab a coffee and why?

Benugo: They have recreated a taste of the Big Apple here in London, giving it a few twists of Englishness!

And where is the Best Place to grab a pint/glass of vino? Why?

The Crown Tavern: Cosy in the winter, with a great outdoors area in the summer. A great selection of beers and the food is top notch.

In your opinion, where is the Best Place to have a sit down lunch?

The Larder: Restaurant, bakery, shop and bar, what more could you ask for! Meat from neighboring Smithfield Market, sustainable fish delivered within hours of being caught off the Norfolk and South Eastern coast, and vegetables which are grown on Secrets Farm in Surrey for their monthly changing Modern British menu. Yum!

And the Best Place to have a sandwich/wrap?

King of Falafels: Leather Lane Market’s institution! There is only one king in the fast food world and this is him. Go watch him at work!

Top places to shop?

Magma: If you know about this shop then you are as cool and creative as me! If not go check it out for books, films, magazines, posters and other quirky design related merchandise and knick-knacks!

Can you recommend the Best Place to chill out (day or night)?

Exmouth Market: Cool shops and restaurants, food stalls from all over the world – nice and chilled on a sunny afternoon.

What’s the best kept secret near Tag:?

Dovetail: Although it’s not a secret now!! The finest Belgium beers – some of them guaranteed to blow your head off – but with the added bonus of fantastic burgers to help you along your way!

And lastly, what is the Best Place for a big night out?

NineteenTwenty: Amazing burgers, 8ft American pool tables, longest artwork wall in London, licensed till 1.30am – what more could you ask for.

Thanks Jason! For more insider information on the Best Places in the UK, make sure you follow the series!


If you would like to add to this list, please do so in the comments box. Or if you want to tell us about the Best Places near your agency or in your neighbourhood, please get in touch with us.