Our Top 10 Pet Hates About Other Recruitment Agencies

Source belong to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSco) and endeavour to adhere to best working practises at all times. We appreciate many of our competitors are also associated with the same bodies but we all work differently.

This is our top 10 Pet Hates About Recruitment Agencies so far!

  1. Not receiving permission from candidates when sending their CV and details to clients (i.e. agencies)
  2. Not meeting the candidates they are representing
  3. Not meeting the clients they are recruiting for
  4. Not providing candidates with useful information like industry knowledge, portfolio advice or interview preparation
  5. Poor company websites
  6. Forcing candidates to make quick decisions on taking job offers
  7. Not being proactive with candidates
  8. Not offering career advice and just thinking about how they can make money quickly
  9. The lack of communication and poor management of client and candidate expectations
  10. The comparison to estate agents!

We would love to hear from other recruiters about what bugs them – leave a comment below if you have things to add!