Creative Social Presents: Innovation Vs. Creativity


We’re thrilled to announce that Source LF are, once again, sponsoring the next installment of Creative Social! We caught up with Founder, Daniele Fiandaca, to see what the event has in store for it’s sold out crowd…


What is the theme of the event?


Innovation and creativity – Over the last few years the industry has been fixated on the word ‘innovation’. But what does it mean? And what is its relationship with creativity? How are they different?… Read more

Online Viewing vs Linear TV

old television

In recent years, online video viewing has erupted, especially with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Video. This leads to a lively debate as to whether or not the future of video viewing lies within online or linear. In this post we delve into the research surrounding this notion.

It has been suggested that linear TV viewing rates are set to drop worldwide. However, TV is still the highest provider of video viewing, and has been proven to account for 65% of ‘young people’s’ total viewing.… Read more

10 Steps to Find a New Job in the New Year

10 Steps to Find a New Job in the New YearAs a new year approaches, most of us have some plans for what we want to achieve for the year ahead. Often this means ‘out with the old and in with the new’, and you might be thinking about securing alternative employment.

According to a pan-European study by ADP, The Workforce View in Europe 2015/16 published last month, UK employees are the least loyal in Europe with a staggering 47% of them planning to move jobs by 2018!

If you are one of them, looking to secure a new job in the New Year, these ten steps should get you started.… Read more