How To Stay Creative And Inspired In A Permanent Role

How To Stay Creative And Inspired In A Permanent RolePerhaps one of the biggest challenges for a creative in a permanent role is to keep those creativity levels high. Turning up to work, day-in-day-out, is not always conducive to staying inspired and innovative. Although many agencies go out of their way to design creative environments to keep their employees engaged, I’m not sure that creativity is something you can turn on or off.

Inevitably throughout your creative career there will be times when you feel unable to deliver ‘creativity on demand’, and whilst a freelancer might be able to take the day off and find inspiration by doing something different, the permanent employee may not have this flexibility.… Read more

Do You Recruit Respondents by Tracking Their Digital Fingerprint?

Do You Recruit Respondents by Tracking Their Digital FingerprintDo you recruit respondents by tracking their digital fingerprint? In this guest post market research consultant Sharon Archibald (Founder of Refresh Market Research) talks about a new way of collecting customised data via social media.

Market Research And Customised Quantitiative Data

The face of market research is changing and with it so are many of the approaches and methodologies.  Methods used to collect customised quantitative data have remained relatively stagnant over the past decades.  While traditional approaches are costly and time-consuming, often undertaken by large traditional market research companies, more affordable do-it-yourself or self-service methods lack rigor and impinge on the ability of market researchers to manipulate or perform more advanced statistical data analyses on the data.… Read more

How to Properly Research an Employer Before an Interview

How to Properly Research a Company Before an InterviewThere are two questions that are pretty much guaranteed in an interview process; what you know about the company and why you want the job. In order to be able to answer these questions effectively, you need to conduct some thorough research on the agency or organisation you are applying to.

If you attend an interview and don’t know anything about the company, you are very unlikely to get the job. In my experience when interviewing candidates, I have asked this very question and on numerous occasions been met with a blank look.… Read more