Source Sunflower World Cup 2011

Charity competition

Our annual charity sunflower competition got underway back in May and finished last week, with Paul Kirwan taking 1st prize with his beast of a plant!

This event tends to be somewhat competitive in nature, with accusations of sabotage and extra-strength plant food rife amongst the team early on. However, the rules are that plants should not be ‘aided’! It’s au naturel all the way….

So, Paul and Jonathan L both took the lead early on, with Jonathan’s plant resembling some sort of flowering tree by about week four – but this backfired when his plant peaked, and then literally collapsed under its own weight, about six weeks later!

Angela came second place with her slim and slinky number, proving that you don’t need the stalk of giant chestnut to be a winner in this competition. Well done Ang!

Altogether we raised over £100 – as both Paul and Angela kindly donated their winnings – which will go to our charityThe James Baldwin Trust.