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The Changing Face of Sales – B2B

Our media sales consultants cover the broad spectrum of sales from traditional, B2B to digital and beyond! In this three part series modern day traditional media and digital media sales has been analysed. In this, the final installment, Sunjay Patel looks at the changing face of B2B media sales.

The media world is populated by two very different types of people. B2B – more corporate, suited and booted sales person and the flamboyant B2C media sales professional. The conception is that B2C offers landmark advertising campaigns that hog the PR spotlight.… Read more

Creative Roles in The Real World

creative rolesA successful creative media career involves much more than creative thinking. We explain why other skills are just as crucial in creature roles for the rise to the top.

Some people think of working in the creative industries as a ‘calling’ rather than a career option. I wonder if they would treat it more seriously if they realised that the CBI estimates that the numbers employed in the sector are comparable to those in financial services. As far as I’m concerned, those in the creative media sector have as many career ambitions as people in other industries and adopt similar strategies such as specialising in niche skills or moving into management.… Read more

Why a Creative Media Agency Must Build a Talent Pool

Developing a valuable talent pool is important in improving the recruitment outcomes in creative media agencies. We share our tips on how to achieve this.

It’s well known that the creative media sector is full of small agencies that employ a wide array of permanent, temporary, agency and freelance contracts. The most successful people in the industry have learned that flexibility – whether they are in technical, marketing, account management or creative design roles – is one of the most effective ways of developing their careers.… Read more