The Association of Project Management

The Association of Project ManagementThe Association of – What are they all about?

The Association of Project Management services project managers from all different industry backgrounds – from IT and construction to pharmaceutical and engineering. What brings them all together is their commitment to their role and professionalism.  The APM is a not-for-profit organisation and is the largest independent professional body of its kind in Europe. They have 17,500 individual and 500 corporate members throughout the UK and abroad.  To become a full APM member you need to have more than five years’ project management experience – this will allow you to use the letters MAPM after your name.  If you have less than five years experience you are able to become an associate member.  You can apply easily online and the process seems pretty straight forward.

What is their aim?

Their mission statement is “To develop and promote the professional disciplines of project and programme management for the public benefit”.  With over 35 years of combined members’ experience across developing ‘the science and art of project management’ they are well placed to provide this to their members.

APM services

An important part of the APM is the APM Body of Knowledge; which covers 52 knowledge areas relevant to managing any successful project. This is a sourcebook of project management knowledge and good practice, written in an easy to use and well structured format. It is written by ‘practising project managers for practising project managers’. It is designed to support frontline practitioners, consultants, advisers, senior managers in project-driven organisations, trainers, students, researchers, authors, publishers, librarians, information specialists and knowledge managers. It is used by the APM as a foundation for its membership, professional development and knowledge services.  There are details on the website of how to obtain a copy.

The APM also runs Specific Interest Groups (SIGs), a forum for their members and guests to discuss aspects of project management that are of current interest. The purpose of these groups is to help further the understanding and practice of project management and its tools and techniques and is a great channel for project managers to get together online. These forums also endeavour to share experiences amongst project managers, identifying successes and problems as well as discussing and examining existing tools and techniques.

Other information

You can also find out more about the APM on their group page on Linkedin, where you can join and contact the owners of this group directly.

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