The Big Agency Switch From Marketing to Recruitment

Going into recruiting

Thinking about joining the world of creative recruitment? Sophie joined our Client Services team as a Researcher back in September last year. She started her career in marketing (both agency and client-side) and these are her reasons for switching paths…

“So I made my “Big Switch” about 4 months ago now.  The move from marketing to recruitment. The agency change-up. A decision which at the time seemed daunting but that now is reflected on as the pinnacle moment, leading to the smoothest transition yet between two roles.

I like to think of it as a strategic and tactical move, to enhance the skills I’ve already acquired over the years and to broaden my knowledge of the industry by seeing it from ‘the other side’, but truth be told I think I just got lucky.  Right place, right time!

Organisation and communication

In essence, the fundamental elements of the two roles are the same; organisation and communication.  Without them, my time in either role would have been dramatically reduced. As those who sit near me in the office would know, I am leaning ever-so-slightly towards the obsessive compulsive when it comes to organisation.  Spreadsheets – love them!  Even though I’m new to the world of recruitment, it didn’t take long to realise the importance of organising; planning your day, week, month, and thinking ahead. Luckily, a trait which comes naturally.

Also, fortunately for me, I love to chat.  A good natter comes easily, whether it’s with the lady I see everyday on the bus or the man who serves my hazelnut latte each morning (God love him for remembering the sugar-free syrup). Meeting new people and talking to them about a big change they want to make in their lives is something I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of.

My time in various Account Management roles involved similar responsibilities; to always be aware of the status of projects, communicate with the client in terms of progress and to be as proactive as possible.  In some ways, my 7 years in Marketing, 5 of which spent agency-side, have given me valuable insight when it comes to understanding my clients from a recruiter perspective.  Not only do I have first-hand experience of the pace, atmosphere and environment of advertising, but also the briefing process and the roles/responsibilities of the people I now recruit for. Helpful when it comes to knowing what to spot on a CV to say the least.

The satisfaction of finding the right role, the right person, and introducing them to one another is something I underestimated.  Kind of like the buzz I got from introducing my best friend to her now fiancé! There’s something about match-making which carries a sense of achievement when successful.

For anyone thinking of making such a move, here are some things to consider:

-  How do you respond to targets?
-  How well do you work independently?
-  How do you handle set-backs and successes?
-  Are you of the mind-set “the more you put in, the more get out”?

My time with Source has been incredibly supportive, encouraging and eye-opening, and I admit that I’m loving every minute. If you’re an experienced account handler, it may be a good move for you.  If you want any help or advice about the subject, drop me an email, I’ll be happy to help.  As for me, I guess there’s only one other direction my career can take me now…the next match-making extraordinaire a la Cilla Black? “…what’s your name and where do you come from?”!!