The James Baldwin Trust

Source is proud to be supporting a new charity for 2011/12,

The James Baldwin Trust.

The charity was set up in memory of James Baldwin, who developed T-Cell Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 24. T-Cell NHL is a cancer that tends to strike young adults in particular, and affects the lymphatic system.

Strong bouts of chemotherapy are the most common form of treatment and it is generally administered to patients during a stay at hospital. As a young guy in his twenties, James found the stays at hospital pretty demoralising and really wanted to be treated as an out-patient instead, which would allow him to carry on with life with some relative normality. However this was only possible if he lived within a certain travel time of the hospital, in the case of an emergency. To make this possible James moved in with his brother, who lived nearby to St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Sadly, despite 2 years of gruelling treatment, James didn’t survive the disease and he died aged 26 years old.

The James Baldwin Trust was set up in his memory, with the aim of raising funds in order to provide other patients (and their families and friends), with temporary accommodation local to hospitals so that they may be treated as out-patients, as James was.

In addition, the trust also makes donations to other cancer organisations, which research the causes of T-Cell NHL and as well as possible cures & treatment for the disease.

Our fundraising goal:

Our aim for the next 12 months is to raise enough money to provide transport for a patient, to and from hospital, over the course of their treatment. This will enable them to be treated as an out-patient whenever possible, and hopefully vastly improve their quality of life. This cost is estimated at around £9k. We hope that with the ideas we’ve come up with, we can hit this target by July 2012.

We welcome support from friends of Source too, so if you want to get involved please drop me a line

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