The Top Ten Tweets From Creative Social Presents NO

Top Ten Tweets

Live tweeting from always throws out a few corkers. The May 8thevent was all about NO. If you missed the event then be sure to read our Power Of No blog post or watch the videos we created on the night which asked How To Get Noticed In London’s Creative Industry.

I love a tweet digest though so here are my top ten tweets from a night of NO. You can read all the tweets using a #cspresents hashtag on Twubs

1. @camillastore: “Brainstorms are scientifically fu*king shit” – FACT via @PlanBstudio #cspresents

2. @camillastore: “If you’ve fallen out of love with what you do, find a way to fall in love with it again.” Amen. #cspresents

3. @thefakesam: Been at #cspresents event from creativesocial – main takeout was … say no more often, to create more time, to do less shit better

4. @CreativeSocial: “If you do something for someone, forget it immediately. If someone does something nice for you, never forget it”. #bpoa #cspresents

5. @weareSource: @PlanBstudio there has never been a better time to work in the creative industry. #cspresents

6. @camillastore: @PlanBstudio – Fu*k desks (and NO! ‘brainstorms’). Lose the egos. Employ more women and love what you do (we’re lucky) #cspresents

7. @lordplumpton: II’m at a keynote orgy & IT IS GOOD. #cspresents

8. @markhadfield: “Optimism with consequences” – when you truly stand up for what you believe in. I like that. Do brands risk consequences? #cspresents

9. @Arnoldklp: First up #sambull. ‘Never has so much bile been blogged & tweeted by bullshit charlatans as today in advertising’.TOP OPENING. #cspresents

10. @planbstudio: On my way to talk about pearl necklaces, ego and ignoring what people say. #cspresents #allstarstories

Camilla Store - WeAreSource's top tweeter at Creative Social May 8th 2012

By my reckoning that makes @camillastore the top tweeter of the night with 3 tweets in my top ten. Hats off to you M’aam.

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