The Value of Working with a Recruitment Agency

Who is The Doodlebar and what do they think about recruitment agencies?

The Doodlebar is the design production arm of OMD, and has been around for 6 years now. They design and produce digital, print, advertising, branding, illustration and presentations. Their work is becoming more and more digitally focused, and after meeting a couple of their designers at Glug London, we have been supplying them with print and digital designers and developers. Our freelancers love working there and we like dealing with them! Thier head office in London houses a lively, friendly bunch and they are proud of the work they produce. They use recruiters regularly to fill positions, and we thought it would be interesting to find out whether they felt working with recruitment agencies was of value to the business.

I caught up with Jeremy Irving down there, who kindly took the time to answer my questions.

Have you found recruitment agency fees have delivered value to your organisation?

We really aim to be as responsive as possible to our clients needs, and this often means having to fulfil out-of-the-blue projects, with very short deadlines. The ability to call on high-quality additional resources at short notice with the specific skills for a particular project, is of great value to us.

How could you find more value in the fee?

I think the current fee is relatively fair to us, the freelancers, and the recruiters.

Have you felt your recruiters have fully understood your recruitment requirements?

Yes. Two similar seeming digital projects can sometimes require totally different skill-sets from freelancers, and Source have been excellent at identifying the right candidates.

How hard do you think your recruiters work for your company?

Varies. Some seem to work incredibly hard, while others…! And it doesn’t seem to relate to the fees demanded.

How important is it that you get a ‘good deal’ in your recruitment process?

Very. Margins on our projects are tight, so keeping an eye on the ‘cost’ of additional resources is crucial.

What example can you give to a positive recruitment process you have encountered and how it benefited your organisation?

We recently had a digital project for a major airline with an immovable deadline. One day before delivery, with the project at a critical stage, a bout of swine -lu decimated the team leaving us severely under-resourced, and potentially unable to complete the project. I contacted Source at 5.30pm, and they were able to find me someone for the next day, who had the right skills, the right attitude and ended up being a total star. Great service!