Tips For Creative Directors With Steve Price

Following on from the very popular videos on We Are Source’s YouTube channel we have Tips For Creative Directors With Steve Pricedecided to interview people from London’s creative, digital and marketing Agencies to get an insight into what it takes to be successful. This week are are looking at how to have a successful career but previously we interviewed Flo Heiss, Executive of Dare, London, Laura Jordan Bambatch, also of Dare; London, and Andy Sandoz, Creative Partner of Work Club, London.

In this interview we speak to Steve Price of Plan-B, London who shares with us his advice on how to start your Creative Director Career,  how to get noticed in London’s Creative Industry, and how to remain fresh and current in the industry.

You can watch the video of the interview or read it here on the blog:

What’s your name, what’s your role, and where do you work, please?

My name is Steve Price. I run Plan-B Studio, I’m from London and I like eggs.

Nice. I like eggs too. And how big is Plan-B?

Very small. But beautifully formed …like everything in life!

And how long did it take you to get where you are in your Creative Director career today?

Err, how long did it take? I guess probably a good 12 years because that’s how long Plan-B’s been going. 12 years to the day. Maybe…almost….

Today you are enjoying a successful Creative Director Career, but what was your first job in the industry?       

My first ever job was at 1210, and I started as a junior designer working for about 150 quid a week, in Nottingham. And then after that, I quickly moved down to London where I earned a lot more, so… yeah!

So, what does it take to get noticed in London’s creative industry today?                                                           

I would say, first and foremost; you need to have an opinion. We’ve got so much social media now, so you can easily get your opinion out there. And then back that up, either with constructive argument or with great work, because that’s a real plus. I think just having a personality and also something to say is key. And more than that, having something interesting to say is a good starting point, because it initiates discussion. That, for me, is where social media has helped build my profile. It’s really important to get your voice out there and get talking.

And how do you, as a creative, stay fresh and current?

Erm, I think by trying to build as much time as I can into thinking about what I’m doing, rather than constantly rushing. It’s really important to stand still and think, and literally stand still, and sometimes walk, breathe deeply, as you’ll see from my annoying talk tonight. And, um, surround yourself by really clever, intelligent people that scare the shit out of you… (Laughs)

What’s it like at ‘Plan B’? What’s it like, tell us something about the agency that we don’t know…

Um, it’s very small. Ahhh…

Plan-B; it’s very small…?             

Yeah, it’s me… it’s just me …I mean there’s just basically a network of people that surround Plan-B. I’m currently in the process of setting up a new agency which is gonna be slightly more ambitious. Plan-B was always set-up as a platform for me to do I want, and work with who I want, whenever I want. Really it was a way of me coming out of my MA, having been made redundant twice (and the .com crash) and going sod this; I’m gonna do this my own thing. And it’s served me very well, and it still does. It’s a great place at the moment; I work wherever I put my hat so I like that…

And just finally, as a creative what do you say when the client says ‘No’?

Hmmm… it depends on the reason. If it’s a valid reason; I’ll listen to it. If they’ve got a constructive reason; I’ll listen to it. But, it’s not about convincing people they’re wrong, it’s about trying to understand what they mean by No.


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