To Build Your Career…First Leave Your Current Job!

Is it time to leave your job and find a new place to work?

Firstly, have you spoken with your employer to see if there is any more responsibility you can take on, any new packages you could learn to improve your skill set and benefit the company or even if there is any chance of getting a few pounds added to your salary packet? Remember, unless you ask, you often don’t get. However, always make sure when going in to any meeting you have a well thought out plan of what you think will benefit the company as well as you, along with examples of why you think you deserve more responsibility or more money.

The main thing is that you know and understand the real reason why you want to leave your job. It is all well and good saying that you want to move on because you want to learn more and you don’t feel you can progress in that company but if they offered you more money to stay and you even considered it then obviously the progression is not as much of a priority as salary?


Handing in your notice

The next hurdle is handing in your notice once you have been offered a new job. Some people in particular find this very difficult especially if you are close to the people you work with or have been there some time. The main thing to remember when handing in your notice is the reason you actually started to look for a new opportunity in the first place. If you are very good and a valuable member of staff then you may get counter offered. Now unless your main reason for leaving is an increase in salary, there is no reason for anyone to fall at this hurdle. Yes an extra £5k may be great but you may still be in the same position two years down the line and your career hasn’t gone anywhere. In most cases you accept another job offer because you like the new company and the people you have so far met, and it is a new opportunity. So with this in mind stick to your guns, thank your current employer very much for the offer and politely hand in your resignation with a view to a new start and another step up on the career ladder !

Lastly one of the most important things to remember; no matter what the reason is for you leaving, never burn your bridges. This is a very incestuous industry after all, so you don’t want to leave on bad a bad note and bump in to one of your co-workers at another agency further along the line in your career.