Top Ten Questions NOT to Ask at Interview

Top Ten Questions NOT to Ask at Interview

It’s hard enough to get good candidates through the door, let alone secure them. This blog post is designed to give some guidance as to the sort of questions that candidates do not respond well to. It’s a pretty straight forward piece which details the top ten questions candidates are put off by, and that could land you in court!

  1.  Where were you born?
  2.  What is your native language?
  3.  How would you dress to meet a client?
  4.  Are you married?
  5.  Do you have children?
  6.  Do you plan to have a family?
  7.  How old are you?
  8.  Do you have a disability or chronic illness?
  9.  Do you observe religious holidays that may not be national holidays?
  10.  Do you smoke/drink?

These Top Ten Questions NOT to Ask at Interview are in breach of one or more of the Acts that are in place to safeguard against discrimination. If your HR department heard you ask them you’d find yourself in hot water and even in court!!!

As an added bonus, the two questions below are a waste of time. You cannot effectively use the answers given.

  1. What are you strengths?
  2. What are your weaknesses?

Competency based questions are the best

Two further questions that didn’t quite make it into the top ten but that were raised by our candidates as the two most frustrating questions are What are you strengths? and What are your weaknesses? They are found to be frustrating because they are often asked without relevance.

It is better to ask a competency based question instead. For example….

Q: Talk me through a project/case study that you are really proud of and detail to me your contribution to the project

Q: During your work, discuss a time where you failed to meet the expectations of those around you.

Getting your questioning right will help secure you candidates – good luck!!!!