What is the IPA?

Here’s a quick guide to the IPA:

Who do they serve?

The IPAThe IPA is the UK’s leading trade and professional body for advertising, media and marketing communications agencies

Who are/ or are likely to be members? 

IPA’s membership is open to a broad spectrum of people who work in marketing communication services. The association is a valued resource for those working within UK based marketing/comms agencies.

What do they bring to the industry?

The IPA supplies a wealth of information to its members including industry news, articles, and specific case studies relating to Best Practice and theory. It also organises events for the industry, as well as advertising job vacancies, providing career advice and related training courses.

Specific services

The IPA offers a whole host of services directly to its members, some of these include; general business advice, legal advice, benchmark surveys, events, advertising job vacancies, media research and room hire.

Prominent recent achievements/work/incentives

The IPA is well respected for its knowledge and involvement of the UK’s marketing and advertising industry. It is a strong advocate of Best Practice and has produced a number of guides for this purpose.

Where are they going – what does the future hold? 

The IPA plans to continue to promote the value of agencies and encourage Best Practice throughout.

What other Associations, bodies and groups should you look at as well as the IPA?