Why Developers Should Work For Agencies

Having recently made the switch from corporate client-side recruitment (shirts and ties) to the world of agencies (shorts and flip flops – although not in this weather!), I have spent many an hour working out exactly why it is a better place for me to be working (it is), and prospectively a better place for the developers I work with to be involved in.

I had experienced the lucrative nature of IT in banking and the riches and kudos in code this can provide. I had seen the self-importance that the knowledge of working on maximum security government accounts can bring. I had not, however, witnessed the fun and enjoyment the agency way can bring to a developer’s life.

If you are a front-end developer who is creative in their code, enjoys thinking outside the box and producing developments which are far more tangible to Joe Public, then working within the agency space is for you. If you enjoy the idea of a drinks trolley on a Friday afternoon, then agency life is for you. If you like working in fantastically cutting-edge offices, then agency life is for you.

In my experience, no other industry provides such a plethora of clients and offers the opportunity to expand your technical skill-set. It is a buoyant market. In times of financial uncertainty, many of my clients are looking to make a host of permanent hires; from junior to technical director. The agency world is an accepting one and the rewards – both financial and personal – are endless. Get involved.