Why People Choose a Freelance Career

Why People Choose a Freelance CareerAre you sat at work in your full time job, wondering what it would be like to have a career? It can seem like a great option as you see freelancers come and go in your Agency with annoying stories about another holiday they have just come back from. There are downsides though to a career and you should consider them before quitting your job.

This survey and infographic made as collaboration between JESS3 and 24Seven, gives a good idea as to what potential freelancers can expect and is a wonderful help. The survey was conducted with freelance writers but I think the results would be very similar whatever type of freelancer you asked.

For anyone who longs for improved money, better work life balance and more flexibility then these are the Top 3 factors impacting freelancer happiness. On the downside there are stresses that come with being a freelancer that you don’t perhaps get with a permanent role. Respondents said the lack of clear career path and pressure to stay professionally relevant were two of the top stresses. Ultimately though you have control over these things if you plan your freelance career well.

Planning is key

From my perspective that is the key factor – planning.

A successful freelancer will have a plan that they use to ensure they have regular work. Of course with the number of freelancers that we place every day here at Source, this is something we can help with. The final testament to being a freelancer is in these respondents likelihood of returning to traditional employment. Sure, a freelance career can be hard initially, but the longer you are a freelancer, the less likely you will ever want a normal full time job again.  Take a look at some of our  or speak to the team to find our more.

What are your motives for being a freelancer? I’d love to hear them in our comments below

The reasons to choose a freelance career