Why You Should Follow Source on Twitter

Source first started using Twitter in 2010. Of course we want you to follow us and be part of our Twitter community, but you should rightly ask yourself first, “Why should I follow Source on Twitter?”Why You Should Follow Source on Twitter

In our opinion too many recruitment companies don’t use social media very well. We’d like to say we are perfect but I’m not sure that would be right either. What I can say is we do have a plan and we try to ensure you get as much value from our social media channels as possible.

The most important thing I want to say is that our channels are not just JOBS JOBS JOBS.

The Source Twitter Plan

We have a number of Source Twitter accounts, including our main@WeAreSource profile. The reason for this is that we want you to get the content and be part of the conversation that is most relevant to you. Of course we also want you to follow our main @WeAreSource profile so let’s talk about that first

What you get from following @WeAreSource

Our main twitter profile is managed daily by our community manager – this person changes from time to time, so you can always ask “Who’s in charge today?”

The reason we have a brand profile as well as the sector profiles is that we want to have some general industry chat – and be able to share great content from around the web that is of interest to the digital, creative and marketing agencies of London. These are the subjects we tweet about:

  • Agency Industry news and events
  • Career advice and promotion
  • Creative and Design
  • Social media and search info
  • Tech and gadgets
  • London and lifestyle
  • Leadership and management
  • Recruitment and HR

We encourage conversation and want to help you in your career and in managing your team. Of course there are a few jobs and promotional tweets that appear in amongst those, but the more conversation we can have with you, the less they appear. That is a hint by the way. We genuinely welcome the chat.

Let Us Promote Your Event

One of our goals on Twitter is to support the events that the creative community put on. If you tell us what you are involved with and give us a link to it, then we will gladly share that with London’s creative industry across our social channels. It can be work related, or it can be your weekend hobby or passion. If you don’t tell us though we can’t share it. Of course send us links once the event has happened so we can share those on to.

Sector Specific Twitter Profiles – follow what is right for you

In an effort to focus on your needs better, we have decided to create sector or role specific Twitter profiles. These are managed by the consultants that focus on that area – er, naturally!

The benefit of you following the profile relevant to you is that it will help you be better in your role:

  1. you will get a stream of appropriate content
  2. you will get appropriate career information and jobs
  3. you will be able to connect with relevant people

Our sector specific profiles are below. I think the titles speak for themselves, but if you have any doubts, tweet @WeAreSource with what you do and we’ll tell which is the best profile to follow:

Image source with thanks - The Roaming Belly